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January 2020

Topics: Nocturnal and hibernating animals 🦉🐻
Artist of the month - Picasso - Colouring with emotions

25th January - Chinese New Year, Year of the Rat 🐭

25th January - Robert Burns Night, Scottish Poet


Topics: The Planets 🪐
Artist - Jim Dine - Confetti Heart

1st/8th February - Storytelling Week 📕📖

14th February - Valentine’s Day 💕 

25th February - Pancake day 🥞


Topics - Growth

Artist - Henri Matisse - The Snail

1st March - St David’s Day Wales, leek or daffodil

9th/13th March - Sport Relief ⚽🏀🏐🏈🎾🏏

17th March St Patrick's Day Ireland, shamrocks 🍀

22nd March - Mother’s Day  💗


Topics - Easter

Artist - Edgar Degas - Ballerinas

10th April - Good Friday

12nd - Easter Break 🌷🥚 

23rd April - St George's Day  England 🌹


Topics - People who help us

Artist - Monet - Water lilies

24th May - Eid Al Fitr - Ramadan ends


Topics - Looking at the continents

Artist - Kandinsky - Lines and circles

21st June - Father’s Day

27th June - Parents evening


Topics - Holiday destinations

Artist - Frida Kahlo - Flower Headband

4th July - American Independence Day

14th July - Bastille Day


Topics - Holidays 🌞 

Artist - Georges Seurat - Pointillism


Topics - Our Environment
Artist - Vincent Van Gogh - Sunflowers


Topics - Black History
Artist - Gustav Klimt - Exploring patterns

31st October - Halloween 🎃


Topics -
Artist - Vincent Van Gogh - Starry Night

5th November - Guy Fawkes Night

8th November - Remembrance Day 🌹

14th November - Diwali

19th November - Parents evening

30th November - St Andrews Scotland


Topics - Christmas 🎅

Artist -

25th December - Christmas

From our Blog

Starting Nursery


What to expect - and how to prepare - when your child starts nursery


The Little People of Willow Vale nursery is so friendly and welcoming. My son is now 3 years old and has been attending for the last 18 months. He has benefitted so much from his sessions at the nursery in terms of his language development, social skills and learning good routines. All the ladies who look after the children are so caring and nurturing, they really get to know the children well and make them feel loved and supported.

How likely would you be to recommend Little People of Willow Vale? Extremely Likely

Helena V (Mother of Child)
April 14, 2019

My son is 16 months and has been in the nursery for 10 months now.
Amazing and caring staff. They get to really know all the babies and adapt to their specific requirements and personalities. The babies do many different activities and go outside to the garden or park every day. They get to learn a lot. Parents are informed daily through an app on what the babies have eaten, the sleeping times and activities the babies have done through the day which is really nice.

How likely would you be to recommend Little People of Fulham? Extremely Likely

Capucine C (Mother of Child)
April 12, 2019

Deeply human and genuinely caring nursery staff.

I feel rest assured every day that my girl is taken good care of. While Little People of Fulham may seem a bit small, the teachers more than make up for it and the outdoor area is super nice.

I'm amazed by my 3-year-old daughter telling me about all the bones in the human body, continents, seasons, numbers, showing me her ballet and yoga skills and talking to me in Spanish.

I'm very happy my little one goes to Little People Nursery.

Max Z (Father of Child)
April 15, 2019

We love Little People of Fulham! The practitioners are all kind and warm and our 11 month old daughter loves spending the day with them. The nursery is well managed and has great facilities. We love getting regular updates from the practitioners that let us know what our daughter has been doing, whether she has slept and what she has had for lunch. The nursery organises well thought out programmes of activity and sends excellent communications and newsletters. We are so glad that our daughter goes to this nursery!

How likely would you be to recommend Little People of Fulham? Extremely Likely

Sophy M (Mother of Child)
April 12, 2019
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