Nursery Grants 

The Government is now funding some 2 year olds and all 3 and 4 year olds in nursery education for 15 hours per week and some children for 30 hours per week depending on eligibility.

The current funding per term for 3 and 4 year old grants is £1159 per term. 
If you are eligible for 30 hour funding, then this is doubled to £2318 per term.    

Your child is eligible for this grant after the term they turn 3 years old. So if your child is 3 on the 5th January, you will only receive the grant the following summer term.

For us to be able to claim this grant on your behalf, we do need you to complete the H & F Parent Declaration form with a copy of your child’s birth certificate. All grants are refund-ed off your monthly bill.

• 30 hours funding: £579.50 off your monthly fees 

• 15 hours funding: £289.75 off your monthly fees

As we are open all year round, the grant is stretched over 50 weeks of the year. Please ensure that you give this information to your Nursery Manager before the start of the school term. 

Please see here for more information.


We accept all childcare vouchers, Enjoy Benefit & TEDS childcare funding.

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Our son joined the nursery just after his first birthday and we have been extremely pleased with the care and attention he has received. As such, we definitely intend on sending our second child to the nursery when the time comes.

How likely would you be to recommend Little People of Fulham? Extremely Likely

R B (father of child)
June 28, 2018

My Daughter started full time at the nursery when she was 5 months. I always felt that she was in very good hands, surrounded with love, stimulated with appropriate games and activities. The staff are lovely and very competent. I recommend the nursery every time I can.  

How likely would you be to recommend Little People of Fulham? Extremely Likely

Marine P
July 17, 2018

We have been so happy with the love and care that our son has had at Little People of Fulham. Starting him at one, we were nervous he was too young but soon our fears were allayed and he settled well. We have seen him grow in confidence and he has benefitted from spending time with other children his age. The staff are dedicated and clearly also love our son as much as us!

How likely would you be to recommend Little People of Fulham? Extremely Likely

Leila K
June 28, 2018

I feel that the nursery has been extremely supportive of my son's development and his areas of weakness, working together to achieve the same goal.

Danielle Smart
June 13, 2018
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