Healthy Eating Week - Fun and healthy snack ideas

Jane Gleasure

It's healthy eating week and we know it is always a struggle for parents to find healthier meals and snacks to treat their children with during their days off school, out and about and at home; especially if your child is a fussy eater.  So we have pulled together a few simple ideas which are both healthy and fun for you and your kids to squeeze in some more healthy snacks.

Homemade pretzels are a fun and easy way to encourage your child to become more creative as they can use their imagination to make different shapes, they can practice different letters and numbers; it's also a bonus that they are free from added additives and unhealthy hydrogenated oils.  

These can be enjoyed with a low fat hummus dip or any other low fat dips your kids enjoy.

These eye catching butterfly snack bags are easy and ideal for lunch box snacks and days out. They are a clever way to cram in your children's 5 a day with extra fruit and veggies.

All you need is:

Snack sized zip top bag

Wooden pegs

Fuzzy pipe cleaners cut into halves

Googly eyes


Which can all be sourced easily online or at a local hobbycraft store.

Why not try these Watermelon whole fruit ice lollies, perfect for the summer holidays. By using whole fruits it means that these ice lollies are packed with lots of exotic flavours but no added dyes and additives making it a better and healthier option for your child.

The base is a simple watermelon puree then you can add any other whole chopped fruits or berries you like.




Cucumber caterpillar snacks are a fun idea to make for a BBQ, party, on a sunny day or just to have as a snack on the side. All you need is cucumber and any vegetable you want to get creative with as well as any dips and sauces to enjoy it with.

Plus don’t forget: There are lots of ways which you can sneakily hide and improve on the amount of healthy foods your child eats, such as mashing vegetables up and mixing them together such as broccoli, swede, cauliflower with potatoes or grating carrot and mushroom into spaghetti bolognese ;)

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