Montessori Activities at Home - Part 1

Jane Gleasure
23 October 2018

We, at little people nurseries, believe in the principles of Montessori education and would encourage you to employ simple activities at home with your child and see the benefits for yourself. The concentration, joy and pride in their faces is so worth it.

Anyway, so what we will be doing over the autumn/winter term is sharing a few simple and fun Montessori activities that you can do at home every month with your little ones for fun or just to see what all the fuss is about. Don’t forget to let us know how you get on :) We hope you enjoy them!


Discovery bottle - Instead of expensive toys, this weekend why not make a simple Discovery Bottle for your baby. A simple small plastic bottle filled with objects from nature like leaves, pine needles pebbles, shells, flowers or small objects they could usually not play with like colourful buttons, coins, rice and pasta shapes. This will be a stimulating multi-sensory toy for them to shake, examine and play with rather than a shop bought toy over the next month.


Getting your busy little toddlers involved in what you are doing can not only be fun but help develop their real life skills, simple motor skills and confidence. This week why not let your toddler help with setting and clearing the breakfast/dinner table and serving their own food.  Carrying different objects around helps them develop motor skills like balance, coordination and body movement and strength. Helping us to do things we usually do for them helps improve their confidence and at this age they really like helping, so let them while you can ;)

Top tips:

  • Interest of your child. What are they interested in? This can sometimes be discovered by following the child’s own cues.
  • Their understanding level. You don’t want to overwhelm the child with something that is beyond their level of understanding, you can often customise activities based on your child’s needs.

Photo by Soraya Irving on Unsplash

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