Montessori Activities at Home - Part 2

Jane Gleasure

We, at little people nurseries, believe in the principles of Montessori education and would encourage you to employ simple activities at home with your child and see the benefits for yourself. The concentration, joy and pride in their faces is so worth it.

So this is our second month of montessori at home and we would love to know how you got on with last months! This month we have a couple of simple ideas to try in the kitchen, great for keeping them busy while you're cooking!

Babies 6mths plus

Discovery Box - Kitchen utensils can make for great sensory toys. Depending on the age of the baby, fill a tupperware with safe real life objects like a plastic cookie cutter, wooden spoon, spatula, cutlery, some rice in a small safe tupperware to shake. Be aware of anything that could be a choking hazard to young babies but older babies can have fun exploring these different objects, imitating what you do and emptying and filling the box.

Toddlers 18mths plus

Tupperware challenge - We all have a cupboard filled with tupperware, plastic boxes bowls and lids of all shapes and sizes that to us would seem tedious sitting there having to match up, but not to your toddler! Pull it all out, set aside a safe area in the kitchen where they can sit and figure out which lids go on which box and have fun stacking and sorting them too.

Top tips:

  • Interest of your child. What are they interested in? This can sometimes be discovered by following the child’s own cues.
  • Their understanding level. You don’t want to overwhelm the child with something that is beyond their level of understanding, you can often customise activities based on your child’s needs.

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