Montessori Activities at Home - Part 3

Jane Gleasure

At Little People Nurseries, we believe in the principles of Montessori education and would encourage you to employ simple activities at home with your child and see the benefits for yourself. The concentration, joy and pride in their faces is so worth it.

In the third part of our series, we will explore activities that might come in handy if you are stuck inside while the weather is bad. We all know children need to focus that energy when they are indoors, so why not try the following:


Babies love music! Put some of your favourite songs on (not background noise, turn it up a bit so baby can hear it clearly) and encourage your little one to dance - either by holding them while you move around, or sit them down and encourage them to wave their arms and kick their legs. They will have a great time. Even better, if you have a rattle or similar toy/musical instrument, get baby to add some percussion to the music. Babies also love to hear you sing, so don’t be afraid to go for it!


As well as enjoying a dance party like the babies above, why not get your toddler involved in some housework? It’s not too early to teach children the basic skills of everyday life, and how to care for their environment.

A good place to start is with some simple washing of dishes. On a low table, get a bowl of warm soapy water, a small dish brush or sponge and some dirty dishes (how dirty, and whether these are plastic is up to you!) and a tray to place wet items. Once the dishes are washed, give your child a tea towel to dry them and place them back in the cupboard.

These exercises help develop concentration and co-ordination of movement, together with learning patience and determination.

Top tips:

  • Interest of your child. What are they interested in? This can sometimes be discovered by following the child’s own cues.
  • Their understanding level. You don’t want to overwhelm the child with something that is beyond their level of understanding, you can often customise activities based on your child’s needs.

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