Extra-Curricular Activities

"We offer more extra-curricular activities than any other preschool in our area!"

Yoga  - Yoga Bugs and Yoga for Babies

Yoga improves strength, flexibility and mobility. 

It helps with coordination, balance, concentration and can facilitate better sleep patterns. Children are naturally good at yoga, which makes doing it even more enjoyable, as they are more often than not, better at it than the grown-ups in the class! Both age groups benefit physically, mentally and emotionally from the posture work, breathing, relaxation and visualisation techniques and this can be shared at home as well as in the classes we offer.

Take a look at our blog article on The Benefits of Yoga for Babies

Fulham & QPR football Coaching Sessions

We are supported by Fulham Football Club and use trained coaches to provide outdoor football sessions for both nurseries.

Swimming Lessons

All parents are aware that being able to swim is a necessary life skill. The sooner a child becomes comfortable in water the quicker the learning process begins. 

We have 2 instructors in the learning pool, with 3 members of staff.  These lessons are designed for children to be comfortable in the water and not fearful, and have fun in the process.  This is the first stage of learning to swim.

Ballet Lessons

Provided by The London Dance School. 

The London Dance School offers classes for Preschool children that are designed to build both confidence and creativity. Through movement children develop their mental and physical skills, their confidence and their ability to express themselves. 

Through a structured class we aim to create a fun and stimulating atmosphere where children are encouraged and motivated to participate in movement, music and expressive activities. 

Although challenging, our classes are geared towards success, where children can achieve and develop both their confidence and their self-esteem.  


We have a specialist gymnastics teacher come to the nursery for fun, active gymnastics classes where the children get to push thier gross motor development and coordination skills that little further with balancing, handstands and rolly poly's :), we all love a good roly poly!!! The children all encourage and support each other and love copying what their friends can do.

Spanish Lessons

Learning a language is fun and educational. It improves self-confidence, making friends and stimulates imagination.Learning an additional language aims to improve the speaking and listening skills of every child. This is done through a variety of songs, rhymes and learning key words of everyday items around them and everyday phrases.  


A Lot of work goes into our art programmes and activities and Little People Nurseries employ a specialist art teacher to help develop our little peoples creative expression. 

Every month we feature an "Artist of the month" which encourages the children to explore different styles and forms of art. Our art activities and programs also extend to our baby classes encouraging tactile development and fine motor development, and they do love to make a mess :)

Parents comments: “I am a French speaker but Dad isn’t. Before our son refused to speak French but since he has French lessons at Nursery – he loves it and speaks freely at home and with his grandparents!”“We have no background in the French Language, but our son is teaching us… That’s amazing!!”

From our Blog

Montessori Activities at Home - Part 2


So this is our second month of montessori at home and we would love to know how you got on with last months! This month we have a couple of simple ideas to try in the kitchen, great for keeping them busy while you're cooking!


I feel that the nursery has been extremely supportive of my son's development and his areas of weakness, working together to achieve the same goal.

Danielle Smart
June 13, 2018

The staff are very friendly, helpful and I'm sure all the children past and present will never forget them. My daughter has a particularly good relationship with many of the staff members from across the board and always comes home with stories about all the fun stuff she got up to in the day. The girls are very good role models for her and I absolutely love them and all too pieces. They not only care for the children but I can see their genuine interest in the children's well being is at their core. This makes me feel at ease dropping her off as I know she will be treated equally and fairly at all times. My daughter has a very specific diet and when requested, the staff were happy to facilitate her dietary needs which I found to be amazing as not every establishment would be so accommodating

Caswell Tetteh
June 28, 2018

Both my Daughters aged 18 months and 3 1/2 have settled really well in the nursery thanks to the loving and caring staff. I always found everyone to be very friendly and welcoming. I know my daughters are well looked after and kept busy with lots of activities. My 3 year old particularly enjoys ballet, forest school and soft play. She has really thrived here and learnt to count to 20 and recognises a few letters. Very happy with the nursery overall and would highly recommend it.

Eva Hextall
July 2, 2018

Extremely happy with our time at Little People. They have looked after both our daughter and son from 12 months - 3.5 years old.

Caring, professional staff.

Well structured and a good array of activities. Happy children developing well.

Jonty S
June 5, 2018
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